Whom we work for

We mainly advise innovative companies, particularly in Switzerland and Germany, around their international-scale questions about patents and trademarks. Our clients include large, internationally active corporations, medium-sized companies and start-ups, all of which drive the economy forward with their innovative ideas. Our clients include, among others:

Reference cases

Be it technologies in plant and vehicle construction, medicine, measurement or other industries; be it consumer goods of various kinds - we have been optimizing patent strategies and increasing business value for many years. Here we present some of our most recent reference cases.

Our challenge

The client business develops a new and complex software product as part of an agile process. Seeing how the main competitor is pursuing an aggressive patent strategy, the client wants to ensure that the risk of patent infringement by the new product is minimized. How can this goal be achieved without substantially hindering or slowing down the development process?

Our challenge

An SME is developing a new product range. They are aware that well-known competitors already offer similar products and are very active in applying for patents. If the new product range comes too close to the competitors’ patents, the latter will go on the offensive immediately. In this situation, how can the SME make the development process efficient from an IP point of view?

Our challenge

A large corporation awards the SME a development contract but reserves all rights to the product design from the outset. How can the client SME increase its chances of success for a subsequent supply agreement during the call for tender?