SME strengthens its negotiating position as supplier to large corporations

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A large corporation awards the SME a development contract but reserves all rights to the product design from the outset. How can the client SME increase its chances of success for a subsequent supply agreement during the call for tender?

Our assignments

  • Analysis of the status quo with regards to patents
  • Structuring the clients situation-specific constraints
  • Development of measures and synthesis into recommendations for action

Our customised solution

  • Multidimensional patent portfolio analysis in close cooperation with our partner Intergrate-IP (landscaping, technology screening, patent portfolio strength analysis)
  • Know-how analysis of the client (not-patented, requiring confidentiality)
  • IP strategy for the „development project acquisition” phase
  • Know-how strategy (requiring confidentiality)
  • Drafting a strategy document for management

Client benefit

  • Technological leadership with financial benefits due to profitable multi-year supply contracts for the developed technology
  • Preservation of Switzerland as production location