As patent attorneys we are masters of our craft: filing, defending and enforcing intellectual property rights, as well as attacking and nullifying opposing rights (see more under “legal areas”).

We want to give our clients more than just legal building blocks. It is our goal to provide solutions to difficult entrepreneurial challenges and tasks. Towards this end we leverage our close collaboration with Integrate IP, our partner for searches and patent data analyses.

For business directors and technical managers

At the management level, strategic answers to company-specific questions are of primary interest. Occasionally, management must also deal with the resolution of conflicts with specific competitors.

Strategic questions

  • How do I protect the business against malicious attacks stemming from trivial property rights?
  • How do I protect my suppliers from lawsuits based on intellectual property rights?
  • How do I keep my customers satisfied?
  • What is a reasonable IP budget for a business our size?
  • How can I increase the value of the firm with intellectual property rights of our own?

Our solutions and services

  • IP strategy process
    for systematic risk management and better value from intellectual property rights
  • IP benchmarking
    for improved cost/benefit ratios in the area of IP
  • 360° patent radar
    for better IP risk control and more 'intel'
  • Patent competition analyses
    for more insight into rivals‘ future plans
  • IP based company evaluation
    for a comprehensive view of strengths and weaknesses

Conflicts with specific competitors

  • How do we defend ourselves if we are sued for infringement of property rights?
  • How do we assert our own interests against imitators?

Our solutions and services

  • Out-of-court negotiations
    for faster and more cost-effective conflict resolution
  • Professional and strategic conduct in court proceedings
    for better overall results and stronger negotiating positions
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For managers of larger IP portfolios

IP management revolves around processes, interfaces and responsibilities connected to the maintenance and development of the existing portfolio:

Management questions

  • How do I improve the flow of information between stakeholders?
  • What does efficient organisation look like for a portfolio the size of ours?
  • How do I inform management so that they understand what is going on?

Our solutions and services

  • Benchmarking
    for best-in-class organisation
  • Interface optimization
    for seamless processes
  • Reporting structures and controlling tools
    for a presentation of the facts that gets the point across
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For developers and project managers

Developing new products and renewing existing ones puts the focus on technical aspects and fundamental legal questions.

Relevant questions

  • What can I protect with a patent, design or trademark?
  • Should I apply for a property right at all and if so, when?
  • How do I avoid trouble with third-party property rights?
  • How do I assert the interests of my business in cooperation projects and external development?

Our solutions and services

  • Freedom-to-operate analyses
    for more freedom and security in product launches
  • Analysis of the viability of patents, designs and trademarks
    for a better competitive position
  • Carrying out granting procedures
    for more time to work on the project within the company
  • Conducting opposition proceedings
    for more breathing room on the market
  • White-spot analyses
    for future-oriented development of protectable solutions
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For start-ups

You have new ideas and want to build a business. Your resources are very limited, but protection is essential to you; you are looking for answers to fundamental questions:

Relevant questions

  • What can I protect with patents and designs?
  • How do I get robust protection at the lowest possible cost?
  • How can I ensure that I will not get steamrolled by big players and their patents?
  • How can I attract investors?

Our solutions and services

  • Workshop for start-ups: Protecting Innovation
    for more independence in the area of intellectual property
  • Search workshop for start-ups
    for a quick introduction to patent databases
  • Freedom-to-operate analyses
    for secure orientation of development
  • Protection strategies
    for investor-friendly legal coverage of the start-up
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For investors

You invest in innovative start-ups and want to have the most comprehensive picture possible of the opportunities and risks. Patents also play a role in your assessment. You need reliable answers to a handful of elementary questions:

Relevant questions

  • How strong are the start-up’s patents?
  • How do the start-up’s patents compare to the portfolios of expected competitors?
  • Where will competition play out in the future?

Our solutions and services

  • IP risk report for investors
  • IP due diligence
  • Competition analyses
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