Safeguarding agile software development through integrated IP evaluation

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The client business develops a new and complex software product as part of an agile process. Seeing how the main competitor is pursuing an aggressive patent strategy, the client wants to ensure that the risk of patent infringement by the new product is minimized. How can this goal be achieved without substantially hindering or slowing down the development process?

Our assignments

  • Search the state of the art and evaluate risk of infringement

Our customised solution

  • Cursory search for a rough overview of the patent environment (relevant patent holders, protected concepts, free state of the art, compilation of search criteria).
  • Involvement of the patent attorney in the development project, exchange of / access to documentation (e.g. to the sprint backlog).
  • Independent triage of the individual tasks regarding threats from third party patents during the development project and supplementary research and examination by the patent attorney. Feedback if potential problems exist.

Client benefit

  • Negligible delay of the development project caused by IP evaluation (carried out in parallel).
  • Early feedback in case of IP problems: avoidance of unnecessary development effort.
  • Higher quality IP evaluation through close involvement of the patent attorney.