Philipp Rüfenacht

Professional activity

Philipp Rüfenacht uses his extensive knowledge of theoretical physics to analyse complex processes and technologies and condense them down to the relevant parts. Consequently, he is active in a broad range of technical fields. His pronounced ability to think his way into abstract concepts has made him a recognized specialist for software patents. His legal experience extends to official opposition proceedings, patent litigation in court and trademark disputes before offices and administrative courts.

Areas of expertise

  • Software
  • Mechanical engineering/robotics
  • Information technology
  • Printing technology
  • Railway engineering
  • Furniture construction

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Strategic conductor

Classical music and jazz are two of Philipp Rüfenacht's great musical passions; he himself plays the horn, clarinet or bass clarinet in various ensembles. He is fascinated by the interplay of many voices, which can combine to produce a great, enthralling performance. As owner of Keller & Partner, he knows that the collaboration of many individuals on a project often resembles a symphony, where the performance depends on the brilliance of every single person involved – but also on the harmonic interaction between all of them.


2019InnoSuisse Special Coach
2014Diploma, "Patent Litigation in Europe", University of Strasburg
2012Part-time judge at the Swiss Federal Patent Court
2009Teaching appointment on IP, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (-2011)
2006Partner at Keller & Partner Patentanwälte AG
2005Admission as representative before the European Patent Office (European Patent Attorney)
2002Postgraduate degree in intellectual property, ETH Zurich
2001Joined Keller & Partner Patentanwälte AG
2001PhD dissertation in theoretischer Elementarteilchenphysik, University of Bern
1998Degree in physics, University of Bern