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In our day-to-day practice we often encounter questions that are relevant beyond the specific case at hand and which are therefore interesting to many clients. On the other hand, as we exchange specialist knowledge both internally and with other professionals in the field we come across findings and trends that crystallize into ‘best practice’. In our newsletter, GRIPS®, we want to make this information available to you. It is published four times a year and provides practical advice that can assist in developing your own effective IP strategy.



Investors Favour Startups with Patents

What kind of patents should a start-up get?
When should a start-up think about patents?
Who should file the patent?

Patents and Licences for MedTech

Non-patentable “diagnostic Procedures”
Avoid Inadmissible “Reach-Through” Claims
Patentability of Medical Technology

Protection Strategies for Consumer Goods

How to protect yourself using Trademarks.
How can protected designs be used?
What legally counts as unfair competition?
How to protect yourself in the internet.



Prior Rights

Two Distinct Approaches
Particularities of the “Whole Content” Approach

The Patent Box

Making Sense of the Patent Box
Benefits of STAF for innovative Businesses
Prerequisites for Using the Patent Box
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