Justin Hoppler

Professional activity

Justin Hoppler studied physics and wrote his doctoral thesis on neutron reflectometry on thin-film superlattices of ferromagnets and high-temperature superconductors. Due to his time working at large research facilities, he is a proven team player. After his doctoral thesis he turned away from research and towards intellectual property law. At Keller & Partner Patentanwälte AG he gained the knowledge and experience required for the admission as representative before the European Patent Office. Since then he has been contributing to the team as a European Patent Attorney.

Areas of expertise

  • Mechanical engineering/robotics
  • Mechanics
  • Laser
  • Optical Systems
  • Signal processing
  • Winter sports equipment

Technophile knowledge communicator

Justin Hoppler is our go-to person when it comes to explaining complex issues in understandable ways. He has a great talent for stripping down even very intricate topics – be it in the technical or the legal realm - to the core and making them understandable to another person. Working in his various specialist areas as a patent attorney, he has developed a great passion for physical measuring methods and devices as well as for technical products in winter sports- many of which are peppered around his office in Bern.


2015Entry in the Swiss Register of Patent Attorneys
2013Admission as representative before the European Patent Office (European Patent Attorney)
2009Joined Keller & Partner Patentanwälte AG
2009PhD dissertation in experimental physics, University of Freiburg and Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI)
2005Degree in physics, University of Bern