Alexander Grosse-Kracht

Professional activity

Alexander Grosse-Kracht is a full-blooded engineer with an eye for the finest details and a keen sense of the big picture. In addition to many years of practical experience in project management of industrial research and development, he has proven expert knowledge in obtaining and enforcing industrial property rights in a global environment. In particular, he is able to fully utilize his strengths in international IP strategies and in the management of extensive portfolios. He always keeps an eye on the maximum benefit for the client and convinces through clarity, precision and efficiency. He competently and purposefully guides clients through all stages of official and contentious proceedings in order to create lasting value and preserve what has been created.

Areas of expertise

  • Energy and process engineering
  • Control and regulation technology
  • Software and Information Technology
  • Metrology
  • Plant engineering
  • Mechanics
  • Medical technology
  • Vehicle construction
  • Logistics

Creative balancer

Alexander Grosse-Kracht lives in an urban environment and enjoys cycling. In his free time, he devotes himself to Far Eastern philosophy and music from all over the world. He also enjoys running up wooded mountains, far from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, to create space and balance for creative sparks that lead to previously hidden solutions and thus bring about the decisive breakthrough.



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2021Keller Schneider Patent- und Markenanwälte AG (Zurich)
2017Founding of a patent law firm in Zurich
2016Admission as Swiss Patent Attorney
2015Senior Associate in a leading Zurich law and patent law firm
2011Admission as representative before the European Patent Office (European Patent Attorney)
2006Patent engineer in a leading German patent and law firm
2003Project manager in research and development of industrial diagnostic equipment
2002Project planning for the construction of wind power plants
2001Diploma as engineer for energy and process engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany
2000Diploma thesis "Efficiency calculation of coal-fired power plant processes under co-combustion of biomass" at the University of Zaragoza in Spain